Debunking Myths About Managed IT Services

ISO of a Managed IT Service (MIS) provider but are unsure about what to actually expect? Like with any industry, there are our share of myths surrounding the IT world. Let us clear up some myths up front (it's just our way here at IT Resources).  

Here are some common myths about Managed IT Services:

  1. Managed IT Services Are Too Expensive.
  1. Small Businesses Don't Need Outsourced IT Services.
  1. Managed IT Service Providers Don't Understand My Business.
  1. You Lose Control When You Outsource IT.

All four are misconceptions propagated by fear of an ever-changing field and lack of true information. These myths end up being significant barriers for many businesses, preventing them from embracing the tremendous value that managed IT Services can bring to the table.  It's time to bust these myths and talk the truths about managed IT support.

Expectations vs. Reality: The Truth about Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Are Too Expensive.

As compared to what: a cyberattack? Yes, it's an investment, but a key one for the safety of your business data.  

In fact, our services can prove to be a cost-efficient solution, particularly for smaller offices with finite resources and budget constraints.  

Establishing and maintaining an in-house IT department often involves extensive onboarding costs, high salaries, and continued training to keep the team up-to-date with the evolving tech landscape. These expenses can pile up quickly and can become a notable drain on your business' funds. With our support, you'll have reduced operational overhead and proactive service. This is because we mostly provide remote support and may not always offer on-site physical assistance.  

But beyond just cost-savings, IT Resources brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, often exceeding what an in-house team can offer. We've been in the business for over 25 years, and while your in-house team may be familiar with the specific systems in place, our IT providers are equipped to handle a multitude of platforms and scenarios thanks to our diverse client base. Our clients find this kind of insight proves invaluable when it comes to troubleshooting problems and optimizing your technology.  

If your business needs a wide array of IT services, operates on a limited budget, or lacks the resources to build an in-house IT team, an MIS may just be the better alternative for you.

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Small Businesses Don't Need Outsourced IT Services.

We sadly hear this one all the time! You see, many small business owners hold the (mistaken) belief that they don't require IT support. However, this couldn't be further from the truth!  All businesses, irrespective of their size, rely on technology, so it is imperative to have reliable IT support.

When you opt for a MIS, you're entrusting your business's IT tasks to a team of professionals equipped with comprehensive knowledge and experience. This means you benefit from heightened security, regular software updates, and consistent hardware maintenance.  

Plus, we offer round-the-clock surveillance of your network 24/7—which means quick detection and resolution of any network issues that may arise. No more waking up to huge IT messes - you have enough on your plate! Quick resolutions also mean minimized downtime and improved productivity of your operations. This is one of the key strengths of utilizing MIS.  

Certainly, the decision-maker in businesses should weigh factors like cost and the presence of an existing IT team before making the jump to work with a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Outsourcing IT responsibilities might not be the ideal step for every business or organization, but many can reap immense rewards from strategically employing these services. Let's have a consultation to see if we're the right IT partner.  

Managed IT Service Providers Don't Understand My Business.

Some might argue that Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) may not have an intimate understanding of your specific business needs and requirements. While there's a grain of truth in this- after all, each business is unique and has distinctive characteristics and challenges- it's essential to remember that competent MSPs have extensive experience working across multiple industries and various business sizes.  

When you collaborate with a service provider equipped with a history in managing IT services, we bring to the table a wide variety of solutions that have been tried and tested in various fields. This cross-industry expertise can often lead to innovative, interdisciplinary solutions that an internal IT team may overlook. Furthermore, quality MSPs regularly train their staff on the latest technologies and industry trends, ensuring they’re always up to date!  

However, it's true that we may not always have the chance to get on-site. But, to be honest, the majority of IT issues can be rectified remotely anyway. For instances that require in-person attention, many MSPs offer on-site assistance as part of their service package. Just ask us - we're here to help you.  

Remember, the right managed IT service is not just a provider, but a partner helping your business achieve its goals. We may not be on your staff in-office full-time, but our style of remote IT support keeps your system running smoothly and efficiently. You can trust us to provide quick, reliable, and professional IT assistance whenever your business needs.

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You Lose Control When You Outsource IT.

You are still in control. Our goal is to simply protect your data and streamline your operations.

Now, one could imagine that outsourcing IT services might lead to disorganized processes and delayed responses. The reality, on the other hand, is entirely different. MSPs like IT Resources have processes and proper documentation methods to ensure all your tickets are addressed timely. There's a mutual craving to fix the issues quickly. Stop feeling frustrated: say goodbye to wasted time addressing technical problems with our specialists.  

"It's not true that partnering with a Managed IT Service Provider means giving up control of your IT. With the right service provider, you gain more control, especially over the strategic aspects of your IT; we just happen to support you remotely," says Matt McElwreath, the Tech Director at IT Resources in Tampa, FL.

Your Business Needs IT—Don't Let Myths Get in the Way

We've reached a point where business and IT are practically inextricable. But while IT is crucial, managing it shouldn't become a time-consuming burden that weighs your company down. Outsourcing your IT demands to a managed IT service provider like IT Resources isn't just about lightening the load—it's about optimizing your resources to push your business to its full potential.  

Even if your business already has an in-house IT team, we can collaborate to strengthen your operations further. Our services can complement your in-house expertise, particularly in niche areas like cloud services and advanced cybersecurity measures. Our expertise is essential to implementing new and better technologies that can significantly improve your business operations.  

The IT Resources team behind these services is passionate about what they do, and our primary aim is to ensure the best output from your IT management strategy. So, rather than perceiving it as a drain on resources, view it as an investment in your business's future. Let's connect about how we can support your company's IT needs.  

The Impact of Managed IT Services on Your Business Success

The choice is simple: you need IT support. Now you can choose to employ an in-house IT team or outsource IT services to a managed service provider. Either way, your IT and security is crucial. Despite the common myths surrounding managed IT services, the undeniable truth is that these services offer inestimable benefits, from freeing up your staff's time to ensuring high-level security and technology updates.  

Whether you're looking to strengthen your existing IT department or don't have one at all, the flexibility of our services is a great solution. Experience the benefits of IT support and take a step towards securing your business's success.

IT Resources of Tampa offers high-quality, customizable services to suit your company's needs. So, why wait for a tech disaster to go searching for a solution? Reach out now to invest in strategic IT support, today.


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