Servers IT Management

Whether your company has a few employees or 1,000, all companies depend on their server infrastructure to operate.

About Server Management

These mission-critical IT functions include data storage, hosting websites, email, and applications. And managing a server means staying on top of the latest software, hardware, security, and backups. That's where our local IT specialists come in.

IT Resources is a remote technology company that helps ensure your business is protected and productive. Our IT professionals know that this is at the core of every company's success. We implement the right plans and resources to keep you running effectively. Get a free, no-hassle quote today from our Tampa, FL-based team!

Benefits of Server Management

IT server management at IT Resources is comprehensive. Our team of expert server administrators will carefully monitor and maintain your server allowing for optimal performance. Leave the IT to us; we empower you to focus on growing your business

When you trust your business to IT Resources our complete server management services plan will provide your business with many benefits, including:

  • Reduced cost
  • Increased uptime
  • Experienced server experts
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Proactive services
  • Peace of mind

Managing your business's servers on your own time is time consuming, complex, and costly. Outsource your server management support to IT Resources today!

It's too late to prioritize your IT when your server crashes. That's why outsourcing your server management services to IT Resources is crucial.

Customized Plans for Your Business

At IT Resources, our server experts are well versed in all types of commonly used applications. If your business applications are unique, do not worry. We’ve been a trusted MSP for over 15 years! We can work with you to create a custom server management package that fits your business needs.

Our IT specialists will work with you to understand your business, your technology usage and applications, and your business’s propensity to potential security malware and create a customized server management plan that fits into your budget & needs.

Remote Servers Management Support Service

As technology grows and companies are more entrenched in technology to keep their business afloat, it is more and more important to make sure your company is keeping up with the technology demands.

Smaller businesses find that a full-time IT employee on staff is out of reach too. If your business is larger, it is likely you have an in-house IT employee. But having someone that is qualified, knowledgeable, and available 24/7/365 can quickly become cost-ineffective.  

It’s too late to prioritize your IT when your server crashes. That’s why outsourcing your server management services to IT Resources is crucial. Our server management service focuses on:

  • Help Desk Management
  • Server Security and audit
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data recovery

Let IT Resources Handle Your Business IT

Our managed service provider (MSP) allows companies from small, medium, to enterprise level to handle your day-to-day activities. We know that when your company has to focus on IT themselves, it can distract your business from its bottom line.

Our Tampa IT company is dedicated to keeping your business safe and up-to-date. You can trust IT Resources to make sure all your desktops and servers are up to date with the latest software and security.

Here, experienced IT specialists can customize the perfect server management package and plan for your business.

IT Solutions for Every Business

Servers IT Management

Let our managed service provider (MSP) work on your behalf to handle the day-to-day activities that can distract your internal IT professional from more strategic initiatives. IT Resources ensure your mission-critical desktops and servers have the latest versions of your software and have the most recent security patches installed.

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Remote IT Support

Remote IT support is a valuable asset, especially as companies need to adapt to the new remote work strategies faster than ever. There are many benefits to using remote IT support versus in-home support such as reduced cost, increased productivity, and access to cutting edge technology.

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Managed IT Services

IT Resources handles the day-to-day management of your infrastructure and operations to enable agility and scalability. Keep your business running efficiently with our proactive local IT specialist.

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Backup & Recovery Services

Let us remove the burden of monitoring and managing your Disaster Recovery infrastructure to give you increased reliability, reduced risk and more time to focus on your core strategic issues.

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