How Long does it Take to Recover

It Depends…Here are 6 Factors that can Affect the Timeline of Your Data Recovery:

One of the first questions our clients ask us is: “how long will it take to recover our data?” And for good reason, because at IT Resources, we understand how valuable your computer system and data are to your company. As business owners, we understand that even 5 minutes without your computers feels like 5 minutes too long.

There are many different factors play into data recovery, but on average IT Resources will have most businesses back up and running in 24 hours or less. And we can even remote in to help fix and recover your data so you do not have to wait a minute more for support!  

That said, our local IT experts have compiled a list of six of the most common things that can affect the time of your data recovery…

What Can Affect the Data Recovery Timeline

1. Hardware Condition

A drive that is fully functional is much faster to recover data from than one that is severely damaged. Data that was lost from accidental deletion, reformatting, or viruses are a lot easier and quicker to recover data from. If the drive needs hardware recovery it can take longer to repair.  

2. Hard Drive Size

The size factor of your hard drive plays a big part in how long it takes to recover data. Simply put, the bigger the hard drive, whether it’s physically or logically, the longer the recovery process can take. This is because the larger the hard drive, the longer it takes to clone and recover the data correctly.

3. Hard Drive Model

Hard drive models or series are all required to match certain standards, but as with most electronics, some hard drives are built better to help aid in the data recovery process. If you have a new model or series hard drive it may not take as long to recover your data as other hard drives may.

At IT Resources, we will look at your hard drive and let you know during your initial consultation and risk assessment how well we think it will withstand any issues that may arise. We can also make recommendations on hard drives that will last longer and withstand more everyday issues. Call our local IT pros now to protect your important data!

4. Operating Environment of Computers

Computers should not be operated in areas that are prone to extremely high heat. Operating your computer in high heat situations can lead to an increased probability of hard drive failure. Hard drive crashes from extreme heat tend to produce more physical damage; this can lengthen the data recovery process.

IT tip: Make sure your computer(s) or systems are always kept in a properly ventilated area. If you notice the surface your computer(s) is sitting on is hot, you may want to find a better surface condition or placement.

5. Failed Drives

Always make sure to shut your computer down immediately if your computer hard drive experiences a complete shutdown. Running your computer on a failed drive can make the recovery process harder and take more valuable time.

6. Availability of Parts

If we are not able to fix the drive remotely due to hardware issues, parts will need to be ordered and replaced in order to get your drive back up and functioning.  

Most hard drive sub-models are very common and easy to find, but if for some reason we need to obtain a specific part or new drive that is not readily available it can add to the entire recovery process timeline. Plus, some materials are harder to come by right now due to disrupted supply chains.

Let IT Resources Recover Your Data

At IT Resources, we understand how important your data is and we never want you to have to experience data loss. We will work with you to complete a risk assessment of your company and create a disaster recovery plan before anything ever happens.  

Let us help you and be proactive and one-step ahead. But if something does happen, know that IT Resources is ready and prepared to recover your data immediately so you can get your business back up and running.

See how IT Resources can create a risk assessment of your company, create a backup recovery plan, and recover your data for your business, call our Tampa, FL based IT team today at (813) 908-808


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