Benefits to Your Business: Backup and Disaster Recovery

Learn the basics of backup and disaster recovery so you can design an effective plan that will minimize downtime and keep your business running smoothly!

At some point, anyone who owns a computer is going to run into an issue with their computer hardware failing. Whether your computer fails due to age or an accident, data loss is almost inevitable when hardware fails which will throw a wrench in the gears of your small business and destroy profitability!

This is why you need a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution in place BEFORE a failure occurs. Today, our IT team explains the difference between backup and disaster recovery solutions, and why you need both.  

What are Backup and Disaster Recovery?

When you hear the word, disaster, what comes to mind? Wildfires? Hurricanes? Flooding? These are certainly events that you want a BDR plan in place for, but in reality, a disaster recovery plan is put into place for other kinds of “disasters.” These can range anywhere from human error or hardware failure, to malware or other cyber-attacks.  

To ensure that your data is secure at any given moment, it needs to be backed up and easily recoverable to mitigate the issues that arise after an accident, hardware failure, or worse, a cyber-attack.  

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Better Protect Your Business

It can be easy to mistake backup and disaster recovery as being the same thing. It’s important to know the differences between the two to better protect your business:  

  • Backup: The process of making a copy of your important data. You then back up the data to protect it. If you need to restore data to a device, it will be easily accessible. Cloud-based backup solutions are very popular.  
  • Disaster recovery: This is a plan for the process to quickly reestablish access to your data after an outage, accident, or attack. Essentially, a disaster recovery plan aims to maintain the critical functions that run your business, before, during, and after a disaster, which in turn causes minimal disruptions to your business.  

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Why Businesses Need Backup and Disaster Recovery

There are numerous reasons why a business needs a BDR in place. Let’s take a look:

Backup Software Can Fail

Unfortunately, having faith in backup software can cause data loss and frustration, which can leave your business hanging in the balance.  

Our pros recommend having multiple backups in case of a failure. These backups can either be onsite or in a cloud-based solution.  

Backup to Recover

Bottom line: You have to back up your data as if one day you need to get it back.  

The main concern after a disaster or data loss is not just restoring data, but restoring it as quickly as possible. Without consistent data backups, you can only recover so much. This is where having a disaster recovery plan and a skilled remote IT team in place comes in.  

Data Backup is Only the Beginning

Making sure that you have your data backed up is just the first step. You also need the correct recovery system in place. In case of a disaster, you need the right people, tools, and processes to recover your data when you need it.  

Unlike other IT companies that your support ticket could be open indefinitely, with us we’re on it right away. Our backup and disaster recovery services remove the burden of monitoring and managing your tech infrastructure.  

Our Tampa IT specialists are proactive, not reactive which makes a HUGE difference in the event of data loss! Contact our experts for increased reliability, reduced risk, and more time to focus on the core of your business.

Create an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Essentially, the main difference between backup and disaster recovery is solution versus strategy. A disaster recovery plan is a strategy that encompasses the processes that will get you back up and running.  

Before creating a DR plan, it is a good idea to complete a risk assessment with our IT professionals to analyze potential impact on your business. This proactive approach helps you to identify mission critical applications and data and will include both prevention and response protocols.

Implement Backup and Disaster Recovery with IT Resources

Don’t let hardware failure, human error, or a cyber-attack sink your business! Backup your important data and set up a disaster recovery plan with IT Resources.  

We know you are busy with the day-to-day operations of your business, let us take the task of backup and recovery off your hands! Protect your business with our IT specialists today! Contact us for a consultation: (813) 908-8080


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